Saturday, May 14, 2011

i found someone that can make me non-stopp smiling :) (friends)

Hey friends . I'm back here once again with loads of things to share with you guys. First off... how's it going with you all? Things are on track on my part now; they weren't in the recent past, which made me stay away from my computer for a long time.

howdy ? hihi . we're gonna talk about ~ people that can make me happy ~! .
ahah xD act , theres a lot of people that can make me smile with just see their face or picture . kinda weird right ? but ~ who cares . this is my blog .
the first one . teet tettt tuuttt toootttt .

hok aoloh . budget lo :P
her name is nor ezza shafina bt jamalluddin
our face is kinda same right right ? err , stupid dumb-2 .
my facee and my twins is cute right ? i know that :P

secondd -
woah xD cute mute . <3
his name is safwan bin roslan . simple huh ?
hihi . i just know him a past few days ago . he's good to me . i guess . 
webbiee  with him . i guess two hours laah .
i laugh , i cried , sleepy , and have a lots of fun webbie with him .
OHMAIGOD , gatainya aku !

thirdee -
OHMAIGUCCI im happy to know this person ~
his name is mohammad zulhelmy

fourdeee -
ajibra bin jirasalim
wah-2 so cute of you la . you always make smile . and once make me cried , for a long time ;( i dont want to lose a BESTIES like you .


whos this ? muhammad amir zaki matin b.zainol hassan.
this boy , everyday make me laugh and smile for no reason . hihi :)
he's cute right ? :P  sometimes , he like to make me happy , laughing . sometimes , he act like a jerk . sorry , i have to be honest with you . not that i dont like you talk about-duhh IBRAHIM . sometimes i can easily get mad . i dont want to yell at you , cause your my friend . 

conclusion- i think that im so lucky cause have this 5 people that likes to make me happy , smile , and yeah . i enjoyed my life being besides you guys . hope you guys enjoyed being by myside too and be my friend :')

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

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